Bubonicon 49

Back to the Future

Elizabeth Leggett

If you're temporally inclined, then this year's Bubonicon—that's Bubonicon 49 for those of you counting—has something for you. The theme that these space-age fantasy and sci-fi creatives have dreamed up for the beloved convention this summer at the Albuquerque Mariott is time travel, and heavy hitters from around the state and the country will gather to weigh in on panels like “Rebel Scum: Opposing the Empire,” “Exo-Planets: What We've Learned,” and “Felines & Feline Aliens in Sci-Fi and Fantasy: The Cat's Meow.” Master of Ceremonies is the indelible Victor Milan, and artist Elizabeth Leggett (who sports a Hugo Award for her work) will hold the spot of Artist Guest of Honor. Daily tickets start at $15 for this con, which runs from Friday, Aug. 25 to Sunday, Aug. 27—if you've been to Bubonicon before, you know that's a steal.

Friday Aug 25, 2017

Additional Dates:

2101 Louisiana Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

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Phone: 505-559-0931
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Over 50 authors, artists, filmmakers and more celebrate all genres under the theme of time travelling. Convention proceeds benefit UNMU's library and the Roadrunner Food Bank.



(Albuquerque) – Time Travel – in literature, comic books and TV shows – are the focus for New Mexico's annual Bubonicon, celebrating its 49th year with more than 50 people participating in programming, from authors and artists to local filmmakers. The festivities take place August 25-27, 2017, at the Albuq Marriott Uptown, 2101 Louisiana Blvd NE (just north of I-40).

“Back In Time” (Time Travel) - such as H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, Stephen King’s 11/22/63, Connie Willis’ Doomsday Book, Jack Finney’s Time and Again, Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Twelve Monkeys, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure - are celebrated throughout the weekend with panels such as “Saving the Titanic & Shooting Hitler: Time Travel Targets,” “The Past is Another World: Historic Fiction for Science Fiction Fans,” and “Watch Out for That Butterfly: The Lure of Literary Time Travel.”

A portion of the convention proceeds will benefit Eastern NM University's Williamson Library Collection and the Roadrunner Food Bank.

This year's convention features talent from the Southwest, the East Coast and the West Coast, including special guests from North Carolina, California and Washington. Co-Guests of Honor are C.J. Cherryh, Washington novelist, and Sherwood Smith, writer from California; Guest Artist is Elizabeth Leggett of Albuquerque; and Toastmaster is author/artist Ursula Vernon of North Carolina.

In addition, other participants at Bubonicon 49 include Daniel Abraham (NM), artist Jeff Benham (NM), filmmaker Adam Jarmon Brown (NM), filmmaker Craig A. Butler (NM), artist Aaron Campbell (NM), artist Peri Charlifu (CO), Yvonne Coats (VA), Dr. Larry Crumpler (NM), Stephen R. Donaldson (NM), Brenda Drake (NM), Diana Gabaldon (AZ), Josh Gentry (NM), Steven Gould (NM), Sally Gwylan (NM), Loretta Hall (NM), Betsy James (NM), Darynda Jones (NM), Jeffe Kennedy (NM), T. Jackson King (NM), artist Andy Kuhn (NM), Jane Lindskold (NM), Emily Mah (NM), Susan R. Matthews (WA), Victor Milan (NM), librarian and author Gail Gerstner-Miller (NM), John Jos. Miller (NM), Laura J. Mixon (NM), Pati Nagle (NM), Yvonne Navarro (AZ), Pari Noskin (NM), Weston Ochse (AZ), costumers Charles & Tauni Orndorff (CO), Scott Phillips (NM), scientist C.S. Plesko (NM), skeptic investigator Benjamin Radford (NM), M.T. Reiten (NM), John Maddox Roberts (NM), Joan S. Saberhagen (NM), artist Jon Sanchez (NM), Walton “Bud” Simons (TX), artist Jim Sorenson (NM), Caroline Spector (TX), S.M. Stirling (NM), astronomer & author David Lee Summers (NM), Sarena Ulibarri (NM), Robert Vardeman (NM), Sage Walker (NM), and Corie Weaver (NM).


Bubonicon 49 starts with registration opening at 3:00 pm Friday the 25th and goes almost nonstop through 5:00 pm Sunday, August 27, with closing ceremonies. The first programming is at 4:00 pm Friday, when the Art Show also opens. The Con Suite & Gaming Room open at 5:00 pm. (Registration closes 8:30 pm Friday.)

A pass with badge is required for all Bubonicon programming events, and in the Gaming Rooms and Hospitality Suite. The Art Show and Dealers Room are open to the public, free of charge.

A PASS for all three days is $45. Daily passes are available at $15 Friday, $25 Saturday and $15 Sunday. A special rate of $23 for youths between 14 and 17 years old is available as well. Checks, cash and credit cards. Children under 14 years old are free when accompanied by an adult (supervision is mandatory).

For more information, contact 559-0931 - google voice, or go to the website: www.bubonicon.com.