The African American Experience: Slavery 1619-1866 Opening Reception

More Nat Turner Statues, Fewer of These Confederate Idiots

The parts of our nation’s history that we’d rather forget are the parts that we need to remember the most. The Holocaust & Intolerance Museum of New Mexico understands this. On Sunday, Sept. 17, they’re launching the first phase of a new permanent exhibit called The African American Experience: Slavery 1619-1866. The exhibit illustrates the hardships that Africans endured as they were transported across the sea and into slavery in America. The exhibit opening happens at 2-5pm on Sunday, Sept. 17. Feel free to tear down a Confederate statue on your way there.

Sunday Sep 17, 2017

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View documentation of the journey Africans who were brought to North America, the hardships they endured and the daily life of slaves.

FlyerThe Holocaust & Intolerance Museum of New Mexico proudly launches Phase I of its permanent exhibit, The African American Experience:  Slavery 1619-1866. This newly created compelling exhibit replaces the museum's former one and will include three phases, each representing different aspects of the African American experience.  The exhibit in its entirety is expected to be completed in 2018.

The three panels of Phase I chronicle the journey of Africans who were brought to North America as indentured servants beginning in 1619.  The exhibit depicts the hardships endured by these Africans including the harsh conditions and treatment they received during their transport.

The exhibit further highlights the daily life of slaves including enslaved women and slave codes that restricted their freedoms and governed their everyday lives.  It also provides a glimpse of Civil War--events leading up to it, the war itself, and its after-math including the Emancipation Proclamation and reactions to it.