The Tide Was Always High at Keller Hall, Albuquerque
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The Tide Was Always High

Festive Phenomena

Courtesy of USC Press Room
Dr. Josh Kun

Musicology is thing where humans study and report on the wide-ranging perceptual phenomenon embodied by music, exploring its various cultural and personal significance because such activities lead to a better understanding of just why a particular form of hairless ape dwelling on the planet Earth makes the sounds that they do. UNM does a great job of this by the way—they've always had lofty musicologists, everyone from Dean Donald Robb to Fine Arts Library recordist Adrian Trevino has contributed to the discipline. The tradition continues on Thursday, Sept. 7, when Dr. Josh Kun, who's visiting from Califas—presents a lecture as part of the UNM Musicology Colloquium at Keller Hall. The good doctor discusses the role of Latin American Music Histories as they relate to jazz, funk and popular music in 20th century El Lay—things that everyone who is interested in music should probably know about. The Tide Was Always High is free and begins at 2pm. (August March)

Thursday Sept 7, 2017

203 Cornell
Albuquerque, NM 87131




Dr. Ana Alonso-Minutti

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Dr. Josh Kun explores the role of various Latin American musical histories in the shaping of jazz, funk and popular music in 20th century L.A.

PhotographThe UNM Musicology Colloquium presents a lecture by Dr. Josh Kun (2016 MacArthur Fellow, Professor of Communication, University of Southern California). Drawn from his research for the Getty Foundation’s PST: LA/LA initiative, Professor Kun will explore the role of various Latin American musical histories in the shaping of jazz, funk, and popular music in 20th Century Los Angeles.