Quest Through the Quadrants Workshop

Sunday Sep 17, 2017

5621 Paradise NW
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: (505) 922-1200






Carol Campbell

Phone: 505.298.9265
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Learn how to balance your life between love, abundance, creativity and health.

presenterOur lives are broken down into four working sections or quadrants that help the individual maintain a working balance in the everyday experience of living. The four sections or quadrants are; love, abundance, creativity and health. One can become unbalanced in one particular section, in two or three sections simultaneously, or even in all four sections or quadrants at one time.

It is the goal of this experiential workshop to guide the participant through all four sections individually, while providing spiritual tools that are essential for the heightened development of a working integrative balance amongst all four quadrants simultaneously.

You will learn to reveal the Truth of your Divine Nature as a spiritual being and how to live from your authentic self as we explore the Quest through the four Quadrants: health, creativity, abundance and love.