Nina Elder: New Works Opening Reception

Saturday Oct 14, 2017

109 Fifth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102




Ani Baker

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Nina Elder examines land use and its cycles of production, consumption and waste via landscape paintings and representational drawings.

Nina Elder: New Works examines historic land use and its cycles of production, consumption, and waste. Mines, bombing ranges, and junk heaps are source material for her landscape paintings and representational drawings that explore the line between land and landscape, beauty and banality. She has backpacked into mines, traveled to Arctic Cold War military sites, and obtained government clearance to tour the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. She has drawn with radioactive charcoal, ore from mines, and dam silt. Her personal experience of research is reflected through performative, narrative presentations that are equal parts travel log, artist talk, personal story-sharing, and scientific inquiry, as well as a call for greater curiosity and engagement with the world.

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Nuevo Mexíco Profundo Redux

Zahra Marwan
Zahra Marwan

From award-winning photographer Miguel Gandert's 2000 book and the corresponding exhibition that happened at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, comes this variation on the work. This show—which is being held at the New Mexico Humanities Council (4115 Silver SE)—features a selection of photographs from the 2000 show (which was titled Nuevo Mexíco Profundo, Rituals of an Indio-Hispano Homeland), giving us all an opportunity to revisit these endearing works, or see them for the first time. This iteration of the collection is titled Querencia: Rituals of Río Arriba and will be on display until Dec. 29.

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