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Afternoon Tea

Sunday Nov 5, 2017

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915 Yale Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106





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Enjoy, browse, review, purchase teas from around the world and experience various tea cultures.

Join us on our journey with Tea! 

 An outlet for assimilating oneself with tea cultures from around the world!

We bring you Beautiful single-origin teas.

Teas reflecting the territory and people that produce them; like a gallery for Tea. 

Growers (Some like being referred to as “Tea Artist”) share their stories and Teas.

You get to enjoy, browse, review, purchase Teas, & share the Tea culture.

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Come practice and learn Gongfu Tea With Us! Or just Sample Amazing Teas for Free! All This Amazing Information, Knowledge, and Training is Provided Graciously by george jaw and the Las Vegas Tea Club! Thank you! ... Tea culture in China differs from that of Europe, Britain or Japan in its preparation methods, tasting methods and the occasions for which it is consumed. Chinese Tea Ceremony is also called the Chinese Art of Tea, is a cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of the process of brewing tea. The manner in which it is performed, or the art of its performance is shown in the tea ceremony. The spirit of the Chinese Tea Ceremony is described as he(和), jing(静), yi(怡), zhen(真)which mean peace, tranquility, enjoyment and truth. Monks felt they could exhibit philosophical concepts through tea service. It is for that reason that the underlying philosophies of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism all can be appreciated in a Chinese Tea Ceremony. Tea services are still employed today by many scholars, intellectuals, learners as a way of self-cultivation. Over time, people recognized the health benefits of tea but also its overall enjoyment. Tea ceremonies could be seen in both Chinese imperial celebrations and ordinary people's lives. ... Gongfu Tea Ceremony Most of Asia-produced teas (China, India, Sri Lanka, nepal, Taiwan, Japan, Korea etc) are required to brew the Gongfu way. "Gongfu", not Kungfu, means a process of accumulated skills and experiences combined. The Gongfu Tea Ceremony, is a specific style of Chinese Tea Ceremony. Originated from South China, based on local tea characteristic and how tea is processed, southern area people developed and created Gongfu Tea Ceremony which uses smaller tea pots and matching teaware, accessories to brew and serve tea threw a particular set of brewing steps to create delightful savoring experiences. The experiences of savoring the tea, as a result of Gongfu Brewing, shall be an obvious difference from that of western style brewing. The standard held to measure a good Gongfu Brewing is to maintain consistent flavor (density, aroma, flavor) of tea soup across multiple steepings(brewings). This involves 3 key elements, i.e., 3 Ts : temperature(of the water), Tea (amount), Time (of each brewing) and the skills to keep these 3 elements perfect in harmony for a particular tea being brewed. The skills of brewing requires technical knowledge of the tea and artistic training of movement forms. So does the service area of the tea ware and accessories requires sensible and artistic arrangement of each component. To make both brewing and tasting experience both simplistic, natural, tasteful, delightful, and relaxing. Benefits of learning Gongfu Tea Ceremony: - Better, Healthier Life Style - Natural and Healthy Beverage - Wide Range of Health Benefits: Lower Blood Pressure, Cancer Prevention, Weight Control, Lower Cholesterol Level, Digestive help, just to name a few. - Better Mannered, Improved People and Family Relationships. - Self-Cultivation and Perfection - Mind Calming and much more. - George Las Vegas Tea Culture Institute - "Small Tea Gathering, Big World Within", est. 2010


Join us on our journey with Tea!


An outlet for assimilating oneself


with tea cultures from around the world!


We bring you Beautiful single-origin teas.


Teas reflecting the territory and people that produce them;


like a gallery for Tea.