Reclaiming Friday the 13th

Not Scary After All

It's been surmised that the number 13 is “unlucky” due to it's association with the 13 moon lunar calendar and matriarchal religions. Compound that with with the fact that Friday the 13th is a holy day for Freya, the Norse goddess of love, fertility, war and death, and you can imagine why women might be a tad offended by the whole demonized attitude to the holiday. This year, take it back by celebrating Venusian beauty and the divine feminine at Reclaiming Friday the 13th at OT Circus Gallery. The collaborative, all-ages show is free and starts at 5pm on (you guessed it) Friday the 13th.

Friday Oct 13, 2017

709 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Jennifer DeSantis

Phone: 6789232755
Website: Click to Visit

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A collective collaboration of Venusian beauty and meta-magic.


Hosted by the one and only Carol - this show will be a collective collaboration of Venusian Beauty and Meta-Magic! We are reclaiming Friday the 13th with delectable goddess art from several local artists!