The Great Albuquerque Pillow Fight

Let the Feathers Fly

Get ready to rumble at the The Great Albuquerque Pillow Fight! Yeah, seriously. “Pillow fight” isn’t like, code for something else. This is just a good, clean, outdoor pillow fight for grown ups who want to let their inner child have a day in the sun. Wear pajamas or soft clothes, and bring your own pillow. This is not a winners and losers game, it’s just about having fun. That said, respect people’s boundaries and don’t hurt anyone, ok? Now get out there to Bataan Park this Sunday, Oct. 15, 3 to 5pm and have a ball, ya crazy kids. This event is free and for all ages.

Sunday Oct 15, 2017

748 Tulane Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106






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Participants wear their best PJs for a good, clean pillow fight.

Free for all public outdoor pillow fight! BYOP. Invite anyone you want!


1. Pajamas and soft clothes only! No street clothes, jeans, boots, belts, jewelry, or any attire that can be damaged or accidentally hurt anyone.

2. Don't actually hurt anyone. If someone says stop, you stop and let them leave the field. Time out areas will be designated on the sides of the field.

3. Don't mess up the park. No littering, graffiti, or damaging of any public property.

4. Feel free to record and post on Instagram or Snapchat or whatever, but when your phones are not in use, store them in your cars or somewhere secure. We will not be held responsible for any damaged, missing or stolen items. Probably best to not wear glasses if you can manage without them.

5. No smoking on the playing field.

6. This is just for fun. There will be no winners or losers, it's just a pillow fight.

We are not liable for any injuries. However, if someone gets hurt, passes out, or has other emergent needs that require medical attention the game will be stopped so appropriate action can be taken.