African Ancestors Day Celebration: Hurricane Relief Benefit

Saturday Oct 21, 2017

4231 San Isidro St. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107


Donations encouraged




Neema Pickett

Phone: 505 244 9104
Website: Click to Visit


Ancestors Day Celebration:

 It's that time of year Again! 

Join Kamaria Creations Wellness Center for a day of Honoring our African Ancestors who paved the way. As each year draws to a close we must continue our traditions of honoring those who have come before us. Those upon whose shoulders we stand. As the Harvest season draws to a close we are thankful for those who have sacraficed for us to live.

 Everyone is encouraged to Dress as an Ancestor you would like to Honor. Please make sure that you have researched to share with attendee's their history. We will have opportunity for all to share.





 Khemetic Yoga





Drum Circle

Massage Therapy


Healing Ceremony

Grieving Circle

 Honoring African Ancestors


There will be several Performances throughout the day. We will have a ceremony for the new lives that have entered the world. As well as a transitions ceremony.

We welcome all to bring photos or memorabilia of those you have transitioned in your families for our Alter. 


Black Market:

The Black Market Will be held during this time. Be prepared to support local African Buisness Owners. The winter season can be very hard to survie here in New Mexico. As this year draws to an end they will need our continued support.

Holidays are just around the corner this is a perfect time to select mindful gifts for family and friends. If you would like to Vend for this event please contact us at 505-244-9104. Additionally, If you would like to represent an Ancestor in Performance please reach out.

This is a Fundraiser to support Hurricane Relief Efforts in these regions:

 1. Barbuda- 98% of this Island of under 2,000 African People has been completely destroyed.

 2. Dominica- Home to the most beautiful protectors of Nature in the world. This African Island also houses one of the best medical schools in the world. Ross University which provides services to the local community.

 3. Puerto Rico- Our Afro-Latina sisters have been directly impacted with lack of resources, electricity. School closings.

Any Donation Gladly Accepted. 

You may donate by using this link. Your name will be added to the guest list. Or you may donate at the door.

 No one will be turned away, any donations large or small are gladly. Accepted. We encourage children to bring their piggy banks or coins for sharing as well. Please explain to your children how their giving will help.