The Future of Light in Medicine: Why the Circadian Rhythm Won Over the Nobel Prize

Saturday Nov 18, 2017

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Stephen Auger

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Learn about the research of light affecting the circadian rhythm.

This year the Nobel Prize was awarded to three scientists for their research on circadian rhythms. The significance of this research and the impact that light has on the circadian rhythm is astonishing. Many theorize that light will need to change significantly in our environment in order to meet the demands of this new science, Chronobiology.

Join us for a presentation and panel discussion on the future of light and how circadian rhythms are changing the future of medicine. Dr. Benjamin Smarr, a leader in the field of Chronobiology, will lead the presentation. He currently works at UC Berkeley Kriegsfeld Labworks to understand how physiological dynamics like sleep and circadian rhythms are shaped by the brain, and how disturbances to those cycles give rise to disease.

Dr. Hunter McDaniel, Pioneering Scientist, Founder and CEO of UbiQD, will join Dr. Smarr for the panel discussion, which will be moderated by C5 Director, renowned artist, inventor and entrepreneur, Stephen Auger. 

This event is sponsored by Biocultura.