BEDtalks #9

Tuesday Nov 28, 2017

110 Gold Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Website: Click to Visit

Short, powerful pillow talks from local artists, organizers, educators, scientists and people of interest, presented from the comfort of a twin sized bed.

Get comfy and listen up! BEDtalks is a series of short, powerful pillow talks from Albuquerque artists, organizers, educators, scientists, and people of interest, presented from the comfort of a twin sized bed.



Each speaker, given only the parameters of 20 slides in 10 minutes, create presentations on anything they like. Talks range from educational to absurd, global concepts to deeply personal stories.



#9 Edition Speakers:


Ren Adams


Matthew Gonzales


CB Bryan


Rudi Thornburgh


Jenette Isaacson


Ayrton Chapman


Marya Errin Jones


Elizabeth Murphy (from Scotland!)


Sean Campbell (from Scotland too!)



This event is presented by GRAFT and co-hosted by TLab

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Time for BED

Slip into something comfortable and head to TLab (also known as Tricklock headquarters, 110 Gold SW) for everyone's favorite kind of pillow talk—GRAFT's BEDtalks. In this ninth installment of the series, speakers are create presentations on any topic they'd like to speak on, given 10 minutes to cover 20 slides. This time around speakers include Elizabeth Murphy and Sean Campbell hailing all the way from Scotland, and locals like Marya Errin Jones. Show up at 7pm this Tuesday, Nov. 28 and cozy up in the audience—and bring some dollars to pay the sliding scale $7-10 entry fee. The show runs until about 10pm, making for the best bedtime story ever told.

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