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Thursday Dec 14, 2017

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Self Serve Toys

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Learn how to feel comfortable in social situations, have a great conversation with anyone, navigate boundaries and consent, stand out online and irl, and how to get into steamy situations.

Have you ever felt super awkward about the whole flirting and dating thing? Don’t know what to say or how to tell a friend you like them? Afraid of coming off as creepy, desperate, standoffish, or generic? “Are We Flirting?” will give you tools to:


-feel comfortable in all kinds of social situations 


-have a great conversation with anyone


-navigate boundaries and consent


-stand out online and irl 


-get into steamy situations

Anastasia has been a sex educator having intimate conversations with strangers at Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center since 2014, and developed the gift of gab as a diner waitress, stripper, and crisis line worker. They are a queer, kinky, polyamorous, nerd with social anxiety and a lifetime passion for communication.

We offer an early bird discount for the first 7, paid signups up to two days before the class. All other tickets are $20/person. Use promo code EB12.14.2017 to get the early bird pricing.

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