Consciousness Hacking Meet Up

Hacking the Mainframe

The world is quickly starting to look like a Philip K. Dick novel. In a world of cybernetic enhancements and genetic manipulation, ordering a set of encyclopedias and eating your Wheaties just won't cut it anymore for those trying to perform at their peak. This Tuesday, Dec. 19, local “consciousness hackers” are convening at Lumen Mind Body and Float to show off their devices and explain what they do. If you're looking to treat yourself as a living experiment (or just curious), swing by for this free meet up starting at 6:40 pm.

Tuesday Dec 19, 2017

2931 Monte Vista Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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A community show and tell about consciousness hacking devices.

Our December meeting will be a community show and tell format. Bring in your consciousness hacking devices and tell us why you like them. Biofeedback gadgets? Wearables? Apps? Muse headbands? Sound/Light entrainment? TDcs? Let's explore and share.