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It's Okay, I'm Old Too …

Oh, let's see … about 15 to 20 years ago, the local club scene here in Burque was dominated by a sort of post-punk, pro-psychedelic brand of bands that literally packed the pages of Weekly Alibi's music section with tales of wiggly and jangly hipster glory, providing this town with a profound reflection of what a bizarre influence the bands of the previous decade had on the early aughts. Though bands like the Shins, Of God and Science and The Mindy Set were deeply influenced by earlier progenitors like The Ant Farmers, The Drags and Scared of Chaka, they grew to develop a neato sound of their own and sizable followings as well. Now, here at the end of 2017, you all out there in Alibi-land finally have a chance to see part of that historically relevant yet quickly aging rocanrol culture when The Mindy Set plays a blazing and beautiful reunion show at Sister on Friday, Dec. 29. Hijinks ensue for just $5, so get your arse down there, hipster army of Albuquerque; it's good for the troops and it's going to rock the fuck out. (August March)

Friday Dec 29, 2017

407 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-242-4900
Website: Click to Visit




Phone: 505-242-4900

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