The Battle Field

Lasers, For Your Health

The holidays mean time with family, yummy treats and blood-boiling, rage-inducing stress. Finding a healthy outlet for that violent holiday spirit is a real problem these days. Well, you can blow off some of that built up steam at I-25 Studios, where some holiday helpers have set up the Battle Field: a 15,000 square feet of twists, turns, doors, bunkers and rooms to play laser tag in. Kids and adults 8 and up are invited to engage in all-out laser war this Thursday, Dec. 21, from 5-8pm. Entry is $10 per person, and each session lasts one hour. Save your teeth from being ground to dust. 'Tis the season.

Saturday Dec 23, 2017

Additional Dates:

9201 Pan American Fwy NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113





Phone: 505-333-0924
Website: Click to Visit

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Laser tag arena with 15,000 square feet of twists, turns, doors, bunkers and rooms.

Hey! We've set up an amazing laser tag arena @ I-25 Studios. 15,000 sqft of twists, turns, doors, bunkers and rooms. You can play a 1 hour session, with as many as 30 people, and we'll play 3 different games. The objective of each game will be different. It's a super cool space, and it's a tun of fun to play in. You will have a great time! Check out the pics of the space then get your ticket(s).


Ages 8 and above.

The Motor Pool