Making Change: The Golden Age of Postcards in Albuquerque

Saturday Jan 13, 2018

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Nancy Tucker shares the history of Albuquerque's postcard publishers.


Nancy Tucker continues her history of Albuquerque's Postcard Publishers. Between 1900 and 1920, Albuquerque hosted at least 19 different companies which published postcards of local views. Of the photographers who published cards, some are nationally famous, like Karl E. Moon; and some are locally noted, like William R. Walton, the Cobbs, and Hanna and Hanna. Then there’s the “Mystery Studio”, a photographer who, in 1911, published real photo postcards with distinctive captions, but never signed his/her work. Or Ewing and Hilton, who seem to have left no traces but their postcards. Maybe you know who they were….