Colt Ford • hick-hop • Davisson Brothers Band

Sunday Jan 7, 2018

120 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102




Phone: 505-764-0249

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Colt Ford
Courtesy of the artist

I took one look at the promo poster for Colt Ford in concert at the Sunshine Theater (120 Central Ave. SW) on Sunday, Jan. 7, and thought to myself, how in the hell does a fellow who looks like he ought to be riding a horse around the high sierra whilst whistling Roy Rogers tunes (and with a name like Colt Ford, to boot) end up being a hip-hop artist? Well, perhaps even more fantastically—or in the process of myth-making, which is something rappers like to do, see Slim Shady for details—the dude used to be a professional golfer named Jason Ferris Brown. In the mid-aughts he came up with the idea of combining C/W and rap, created a new moniker and released an album called Ride Through The Country, which featured hybrid-twang raps like “No Trash in My Trailer” and the ever evocative “Waffle House.” Ford’s touring his latest effort, Love Hope Faith around the country and you know you have Sunday free to finally jam out to the strains of “Dirt Road Disco” or “My Truck.” So get on Downtown, cowpoke, there’s another world waiting for you in the world where fancy flow and 10 gallon hats go just fine together. $22 • 8pm • 13+

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