Women Make a Difference Lunch and Learn at Tanoan Country Club, Albuquerque
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Women Make a Difference Lunch and Learn

Friday Feb 9, 2018

10801 Academy Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Phone: 505-822-0422






Val Romero

Phone: 505-362-8546
Website: Click to Visit

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Learn about identity theft, the world's fastest growing crime.

Claire Shuford


Claire Shuford, CITRMS

Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist

 "Identity Theft, the World's Fastest Growing Crime.... Managing Your Risk" 

Identity theft costs Americans nearly twice as much as property crime, yet it barely registers in the minds of most people as a crime. Only 9% of all identity theft victims even contact the police. Awareness is the most important tool in managing your risk. Did you know there are five major types of Identity Theft and only 17% of identity theft can be detected on a credit report. There is not product or service on the market today that can prevent identity theft, you can however take a proactive approach to managing your risk. Your most valuable asset is your good name, many people don't realize this until it is gone.