Poppy • electropop at Meow Wolf, Santa Fe
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Hey, it's Poppy!

Hi. I'm Rini. I like Youtube. One of my favorite Youtubers is Poppy! Not only does she seem nice, she has a great voice. Poppy is also mysterious—I heard that she's part android. You can hear her great voice at Poppy's Poppy.Computer Tour held at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. This Tuesday, Feb. 13, enjoy this robot's—I mean this lady's voice and great dance moves for just $20! I don't think we'll see this high-caliber musician for awhile—don't miss this bionicly symmetrical face and human voice! (Rini Grammer)

Tuesday Feb 13, 2018

1352 Rufina Circle
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone: (505) 395-6369
Website: Click to Visit






Website: Click to Visit

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The Poppy Computer tour comes to Meow Wolf!

Artist Presale goes on sale Monday December 4th

Spotify Presale goes on sale Tuesday December 5th

Meow Wolf Presale goes on sale Tuesday December 5th

General Tickets go on sale Wednesday, December 6th.

15+ show

In the year 2014 a small doll like creature emerged from Youtube.com. Is she a human? Android? Cross breed? Will we ever know? Thanks to her video titled "I'M POPPY” (that has now been viewed over 12 million times) we know one thing is for sure, She’s Poppy!

If the internet Gods have blessed you with Poppy’s presence, you have probably felt like you were transported into another dimension or perhaps another state of mind? Directed by Titanic Sinclair, Poppy’s videos are a daily morphine drip for a social media addicted generation.

Who knew watching a small blonde girl recite the obvious, question existence, or just eat something could make you feel so perplexed. Wired Magazine says “The magic of Poppy is that, to understand Poppy, you have to keep watching Poppy. And soon you find yourself watching her everywhere: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Before long, you’re swimming in a sea of Poppy. The water is cool and pink but eventually you wonder if Titanic will start turning up the heat and that, before you know it, you’ll be boiled alive or choke on the Pepto-Bismol taste and drown. You dive deeper anyway."