French Dessert and Wine Pairing

Saturday Mar 3, 2018

6855 Fourth Street NW
Ste C1-B
Albuquerque, NM 87107






Troy Lapsys

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Guest Maryse Lapierre hosts a night of food, stories and wine.


 Join us for an evening of fine French desserts - the release of the new Joliesse special (somewhat secret - you have to ask) dessert menu!  You will have four delectable confections traditional from different regions of France, all hand-crafted by our French-trained chocolatiers Grace and Troy Lapsys.  Each dessert will be paired with a tasting of wine appropriate to the flavors of the dessert, and described by guest host Maryse Lapierre.  She will tell us about the significance of the dessert, the importance of the French culinary tradition and we will all learn some French phrases. 

On the menu:

Tarte Tatin - created by mistake at the Hotel Tatin south of Paris, this upside down apple cake is phenomenal!  This will be paired with a dry Chardonnay!

Ile Flottante - the "Floating Island" dessert consists of an island of meringue floating in a rich vanilla custard (creme Anglais).  We will pair this with a unique dry plum wine!

Souffle Chocolat - the Souffle, perfection when done well, a "falling disappointment" when not - try our double dark chocolate version out paired with a deep red wine.

 Croquembouche - We like to call this the "tower of power" - a pyramid of choux pastry linked together by hard caramel.  Paired with a Zin, it is divine.

 Join us for this event of stories, food and wine!