Evening of Women's Embodiment Practices

Friday Mar 23, 2018

222 Truman St NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108






Yulia Livingston

Phone: 505-289-1368

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Explore what is true and present right now in the community of safe and supportive sisterhood through excercises, dancing and reflection.


In the world that urges us to go, go, go and do, do, do, slowing down and connecting with our deeper wisdom can be a real challenge. 

And yet, the important questions keep calling: How do I want to move through life? What moves me? How can I access my inner wisdom? How do I release what no longer serves me? How do I connect with joy and pleasure in my body? How do I stay connected with what is true and meaningful to me?

During this evening, you will be invited to explore what is TRUE and PRESENT for YOU right now in the community of safe and supportive sisterhood.

 Here is what I am creating for you:

-We will practice coming into our bodies through sound, movement and connection

-I will guide you through a heart opening exercise

-We will move: there will be a formal Non-Linear Movement Method® practice as well as a free, "move as you feel moved" embodied dance/movement portion.

There will be time to reflect and to connect, bringing you deeper into your embodied truth.

All of the activities are meant for everyone wanting to participate and none of the activities are mandatory. Throughout the evening, you are encouraged to listen to how and how much you wish to participate. Bring a yoga mat if you have one and wear clothing you are comfortabel moving in.

RSVP is required to attend this event. RSVP to YuliaMFT@gmail.com