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Gamelan Encantada

Here in the Not So Western World

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Gamelan is the name of the traditional music that flows out of Bali and Indonesia. Using large ensembles composed of various complex percussion instruments, the music of Gamelan is named after the Indonesian word for mallet. The sound produced by these percussion instruments and mallets used to strike them is very different than 12-tone Western music: it incorporates uneven intervals, note subsets and minor scales; the tuning for such instruments and ensembles is equally complicated and vastly different from Western systems too, making for a listening experience both interesting and often unheard of. On Sunday, May 13 from 3 to 5pm, Outpost Performance Space hosts Burque's own Gamelan group, Gamelan Encantada. This group of studied musicians—who happen to be artists in residence at the UNM Composers' Symposium—bring their vital and vibrant sounds to life for a mere $15 to $20. Join them as they explore one of the richest musical traditions of any point on Earth, east or west. (August March)

Sunday May 13, 2018

210 Yale Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phone: 268-0044
Website: Click to Visit







Phone: 505-268-0044
Website: Click to Visit

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Celebrating their 20th anniversary, this percussion ensemble brings their fascinating sound with roots in the gong/metallophone orchestras of central Java in Indonesia.


Gamelan Encantada is a percussion ensemble with roots in the gong/metallophone orchestras of Southeast Asia, specifically those of Central Java in Indonesia.  In addition to presenting traditional Javanese music, the ensemble is also committed to performing contemporary and experimental music. In 2011, they celebrated their 20th Anniversary with the release of their CD, Oasis in the Desert: New Music from New Mexico. Frequent past participants in Albuquerque’s Festival of Asian Cultures and at various events at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, they have also been featured at Globalquerque, and were Artists in Residence at the 2012 UNM’s Composers Symposium.  Most recently, they performed at the Chatter Sunday chamber music series as part of a world-wide celebration of the centennial of the birth of West Coast composer, Lou Harrison. Today’s concert will focus mainly on compositions by women, including a suite of traditional Hebrew songs set to gamelan by Jody Diamond, a leading figure in the American Gamelan scene and one of Lou Harrison’s first gamelan teachers;  two pieces by young composers, Maria Siino and Breonna Taylor (both graduate students in composition at Mills College); a two-part piece by Barbara Benary of NYC’s Gamelan Son of Lion;  and two traditional Javanese pieces honoring women. Gamelan Encantada is directed by Jenny DeBouzek. Current members are Oscar Alcala, Sooz Hoffman, Bob Kasenchak, Tessa Martinez, Larry Moore, Chris Morosin, Nathan Smerage, and Devin Williams.  Sharon Eliashar will be the vocal soloist in the Diamond suite.