Spring Type-Out

The Slap and Tickle

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It's time for a digital detox. Leave your phone at home, forget about social media and catch a ride on a hipstermatic for an afternoon in the sunshine. Typing on a typewriter was such a treat as a kid. Even beyond the dawn of the age of computers, the feeling of fingers on the keys of an analog machine is incredibly satisfying. On Sunday, April 22 from 1 to 4pm, Pennysmiths Paper in dear, dear Old Town, provides typewriters, peace, quiet and sunshine for the Spring Type-Out. What to type? Maybe a letter, like a real one sent by a human with a stamp, start a novel, a poem or just cathartically type gibberish for a free, all-ages experience. This event is outdoors, so bring sunglasses, sunscreen and anything else needed to be able relax and and let the fingers do the work.

Sunday Apr 22, 2018

4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107






Joe Van Cleave

Phone: 505-296-5646

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Experience an outdoor public typewriter gathering using a wide variety of typewriters. Write poetry, start that novel and discover digital detox.


Experience an outdoor public typewriter gathering! Come and have fun using a wide variety of typewriters. Bring you own machine, too! Write poetry, start that novel. Discover digital detox! Join the typewriter revolution! Find out why people of all ages are (re)discovering typewriters.