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Son Como Son 25th Anniversary: A Retrospective Celebration of Salsa

El Ritmo Cubano

Imag Courtesy of NM Jazz Workshop
Son Como Son is an ensemble fronted by Daniel and César Bauvallet. The brothers make Cuban music and they're experts of the genre, having migrated to Duke City, N.M., from Havana, Cuba in the early '90s, back when Fidel Castro's grip on power was strong and people either loved life under Marxism or left to find a better existence in the United States. By 1993, they had formed a band whose English translation is “They are as they are” and proceeded to take our town's music scene by storm. Twenty-five years later, the brothers and their group are celebrating a quarter century of freedom to make some of the most entrancing, danceable music in the 505. The National Hispanic Cultural Center is the scene of their anniversary concert. Son Como Son gigs at NHCC on Saturday, April 21, at 8pm. Tickets for this joyous and jumping engagement with Caribbean flair cost between $24 and $27 and all ages are welcome to attend. (August March)

Saturday April 21, 2018

1701 Fourth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102-4508

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Daniel and César Bauvallet celebrate the 25th anniversary of their musical partnership in this heartfelt tribute to their fans and the dancers of Albuquerque.

This 25th anniversary concert is Son Como Son’s tribute to the rich lineage of Cuban music. It is a tribute to the dance—the dance between the Yoruban spiritual world and the Spanish colonialists, the dance between the past and the future, the dance where the ocean meets the desert. Most of all, it is a tribute to the dancers of Albuquerque—to each and every one who has buoyed this ship for the past 25 years and helped to put Albuquerque on the salsa map.


$24, $25, $27 w/ $2 discount for seniors/children 12 and younger, and $3 discount for NHCC members


In October 1992, after building successful musical careers in Cuba and recording and traveling across the globe, Daniel and César Bauvallet migrated from Havana to Albuquerque, NM. Finding a thriving salsa scene in their new home, the Bauvallet brothers jumped right in, playing with a variety of bands in their first few months on the scene. Almost immediately, their musical sensibilities began to influence the Latin music soundscape.

In the spring of 1993, César formed his own band, naming it Son Como Son (“They Are as They Are”), and coining the phrase “Salsa Cuban Style.” His vision was to organize an ensemble of skilled musicians, eager to learn a distinctive form of salsa, who would play his original compositions and arrangements that were stylistically Cuban. The players, from a variety of musical backgrounds and levels of experience, were all devoted to advancing musically and working together; virtually all the current members of Son Como Son have been with the band for at least 24 years.

El tiempo sigue su marcha sin parar, solo perdura lo que es original. Lo que en un breve momento en la vida dejó una huella. (César Bauvallet)