Austin Piazzolla Quintet

Friday Apr 20, 2018

966 Old Church Rd
Corrales, NM 87048

The tradition of nuevo tango continues through unique arrangements of Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla’s groundbreaking works, breathtaking original compositions and fiery improvisation.

The Austin Piazzolla Quintet specializes in the music of the late Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla as well as original nuevo tango compositions. Founded by James Anderson (violin), the APQ has been performing to captivated audiences since 2009. With Jonathan Geer (piano), Mike Maddux (accordion, bandoneon), Tony Rogers (cello), and Phil Spencer (bass), all from diverse musical backgrounds, the band continues the tradition of nuevo tango through intense live shows which feature unique arrangements of Piazzolla’s groundbreaking works, breathtaking original compositions, and fiery improvisation.