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Don't miss out on your chance to experience the unique and otherworldly sounds of traditional throat singing. Chirgilchin—a group of musicians from Western Mongolia—perform this rare art in which a singer can produce two voices simultaneously in sustained, droning notes that have long been associated with trance induction and altered states. These beautiful sounds have a special impact when experienced in person, and this Thursday, May 10, at the Ernie Pyle Library, music fans and psychonauts of all ages are invited to a free concert from noon to 1pm. A sense of wonderment—while not required—is encouraged. (Joshua Lee)

Thursday May 10, 2018

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900 Girard SE
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 256-2065






the Public Library ABQ-Bernco

Phone: (505)256-2065
Website: Click to Visit

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A group of musicians from Tuva with expertise in folkloric-throat singing.


Chirgilchin is a group of musicians from Tuva, a small Russian province north of Western Mongolia. Their music tells stories of their homeland, its horses and its people. The monotone sustained notes that branch out into overtone singing with slight shifts in pitch give Tuvan music its characteristic buoyant yet meditative drone quality. The songs are sung in minor pentatonic scale, similar to American blues. Throat-singing is an extraordinary vocal form in which one singer produces two or more voices simultaneously. The most advanced forms of throat-singing come from Tuva, and the members of Chirgilchin are among the best and most accomplished throat-singers in all of Tuva.

Don’t miss this free performance, the latest in a monthly series of free events in collaboration with AMP Concerts and the Friends for the Public Library.