Big Bubble Circus

Bubble Popped

Forget everything you think you know about bubbles and get ready to experience Mr. Guffaw's Big Bubble Circus. The Friends for the Public Library are bringing Jim Jackson—the distinguished Mr. Guffaw—to the South Valley Public Library to delight children of all ages with a menagerie of soap bubbles in a variety of shapes and sizes. This free display of circus magic, clowning and general tomfoolery takes place this Thursday, June 21 from 11am to noon.

Friday Jun 22, 2018

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900 Girard SE
Albuquerque, NM

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Jim Jackson brings a hilarious mix of circus magic and buffoonery with soap bubbles in every size and form.


Mr. Guffaw (Jim Jackson) plays with soap bubbles in every size and form. Bubbles as big as the stage, a bubble containing an audience member or two, a window of bubbles, bubbles of glass, and even balloon bubbles…add this to a hilarious mix of circus magic, buffoonery, and you have the spell binding chaos of Big Bubble Circus. This program is funded by the Friends for the Public Library.