Kick Ass at Social Media Workshop

Saturday May 26, 2018

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200 Broadway Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102




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Get more followers, attention and business for your small business. Registration required.


Two Days of Social Media help. Get more followers, attention, and business for your small business! 

Day 1 of Kickass at Social Media, the social media workshop for small businesses.

Get more followers, attention, and business for your small business!

We'll work together

Are you completely new to social media? Don’t know what social media to start with? Need to create your profiles? This is the day for you. This day is to get you started.

We’ll work with you to create your profiles and your first posts on your chosen social media channel.

Signed up? Then make sure to bring your laptop and/or your smartphone because we’re all rolling up our sleeves. Also, bring along any photos you have of your business.

See the full schedule here.

You can register for one or both days.

Our Instructors

Julia Olivas

Punches her way through social media and was the social media strategist behind startups like Sunport, ONUSBlue, and FreeRange. She’s been involved in the startup community for three years, including hosting and attending events, fundraising, business development, and digital marketing. Julia has helped numerous projects throughout New Mexico grow and become leaders in their field. Her efforts helped lead New Mexico’s most successful technology Kickstarter campaign with SunPort by Plug.Solar.


Kristyn Fox

Strikes at the heart of social media. Kristyn Fox is a digital marketing consultant based in Albuquerque. She has a passion for creating social media content and engaging with business owners to improve their online presence. When not being active on social media, she is often found having a beer at a local brewery. You can find more about her and her company, Outfox Digital, on her website:


Sonja Dewing

Leads a flying kick to content. A Technical and Creative Writer with a penchant for social media, including quite a following on Instagram and her travel blog. She leveraged social media for a successful book promotion campaign. Happy to use her knowledge for the power of good, she teaches business writing at the University of New Mexico’s Continuing Education department and is a mentor for businesses during Catalyst Week. You can find more information at


Joan Marie Yazze Gallegos

Karate chops straight to trending data. Born military brat but considers Albuquerque, New Mexico her home. With a background in social media, web design and marketing for government/political agencies, non-profits, public relations and hospitality. She is a former Miss Teen & Miss New Mexico. A former co-host of the Morning Brew where she had a segment called, Trending with Joan Marie. She specializes in things current, branding, trending, target demographics, content managing and finding the right marketing material that is relevant and right for you.