Festival Flamenco 31: Compañía Vanesa Coloma Flamenklorica

Wednesday Jun 13, 2018

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1701 Fourth Street SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102-4508

Phone: 246-2261
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A work inspired by a time when Spanish flamenco and tonadilla shared the same period of prominence, where poetry and the artists left an unparalleled legacy.

Festival Juvenil is the youth component of Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburqueque. This new program is launching as a part of FFI 31 as the premiere national flamenco camp for serious dancers aged 10-15.

Festival Flamenco Internacional de Alburquerque 31 presents Compañía Isabel Bayón’s Dju Dju, an Israel Galván creation for Isabel Bayón.

In an extraordinary collaboration, avant-garde choreographer and dancer Israel Galván directs classical dancer Isabel Bayón as she reinvents herself, exploring the demons and superstitions of the flamenco world along with her husband, guitarist Jesús Torres, and dancers Alicia Márquez and Nieves Casablanca. “Torres recites a litany of her superstitions; Bayón crosses herself, or shoos off bad spirits even as she’s willfully stomping on glass. The music veers from eerie lullabies to full church-organ portentousness…. Dju Dju works ultimately because it draws on qualities close to flamenco’s heart: wayward rhythms, unresolved dissonances, irrational passions, the summoning of hidden forces.” (Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian)

Born in Seville, Isabel Bayón has performed at numerous national and international festivals, and formed her own company in 2001, creating a series of award-winning shows. She is also a choreographer for the Spanish National Ballet and the Andalusian Dance Company, among others, and a teacher at the María de Ávila Higher Dance Conservatory in Madrid. She received the National Dance Award in 2013.