Healing Rama Puja Ceremony

Saturday Jun 23, 2018

136 Washington St SE
Ste F
Albuquerque, NM 87108






Rev. Satyabhama

Phone: 5056398799
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A bathing ceremony begins the puja. Then, offer names and powers of Rama by offering red rice. Chant mantras of Rama, Dhanvantari, Narayana and Shiva. Bring flowers and fruit as offerings.


Sri Rama is the 7th Avatara of Vishnu, the one just before Krishna. He is known as the greatest role model for all men (and his wife Sita is for all women.) His mantras are the greatest healing mantras of all the millions of mantras.

We do a bathing ceremony and then offer Names and Powers of Rama by offering red rice.

If any of your friends and family are ill, this puja is a good opportunity to chant and pray for their healing.

Rama mantras are the most healing mantras, according to the Ramayana. During the ceremony, we will all chant 7 mantras of Rama, Dhanvantari, Narayana, Shiva and 2 sun mantras.

Please bring flowers and fruit as an offering. We will share the fruit at the end of the puja.

The $20 is a suggested donation to keep the temple open.