Three Feet Deep in a Slow Motion Wreck

Saturday Jun 16, 2018

709 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Jennifer DeSantis

Phone: 6789232755
Website: Click to Visit

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The illustrated works of local artist Mark Jakubowski reflecting his fondness for the classic cartoon and animation style, while others are inspired by the captivating culture of Japan.


The OT Circus is thrilled to present "Three Feet Deep in a Slow Motion Wreck" - The illustrated works of local artist Mark Jakubowski! This show is one night only, Saturday June 16th from 5-9pm. We will have light refreshments for our guests, and art raffles!

About the show: Many of the pieces in this show reflect Mark's recently revitalized fondness for the “classic” cartoon and animation style. Others are directly inspired by the extraordinarily captivating culture and scenery of Japan. The artist's random thoughts and daydreams are the culprits for the remaining entries.

Artist's Bio: "From an early age I’ve been hooked on two things: comedy and all things “irregular” or “unusual.” Over time, these affinities became catalysts for, as well as ingredients in, my artwork. When building new ideas for my art, I tend to begin by imagining the image when viewed “normally.” Then I start to rebuild it with either slight or significant modifications. Sometimes this is achieved by infusing humor into an otherwise serious or somber situation. Other concepts are altered by transforming a familiar scene or character into a new, hopefully, unique arrangement and/or style."