Saints Among Us

Saturday Jun 16, 2018

9800 Montgomery Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

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Kenn E Ashe

Phone: 5059182348
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Kenn E. Ashe presents a work of acrylic on wood paintings creating images of people in the crowd that make a difference.

St Patrick of Eire. By Kenn E Ashe

My work is images of people in the crowd who make a difference. I am not interested in making the image look realistic. I trying to capture the soul or feeling of the subject. I want the images to feel as if they could be a friend, enemy or just someone that helps you during a time of need or tragedy. They are the faces in the crowd. Their our Earthly Saints that guide or assist us through out different periods of our lives. They can even be our family, friends, strangers or maybe you, that is that face in the crowd, doing what we can to help those in need. These individuals who are acknowledged by the Church, never had the intention that they were so holy. Many of these people suffered or were killed by allies. family or close friends, yet they still kept going on in life. They didn't let other people actions affect their own actions towards others. Instead they were more concerned about others feelings and helping make the world better.