Claire Morales • Gerunding • pop rock • Austin Morrell • rock

Sunday Jul 1, 2018

407 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-242-4900
Website: Click to Visit


Phone: 505-242-4900

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courtesy of the artist

Ja, ja, I get it! Gerunding is totally like when you change something into the progressive present, como las letras que deletreanando” in my second-faovrite, but poorly realized idioma, Spanish. It’s also—like other things in this week’s columna—a term that has been appropriated by the stealthy, feel-good world of rocanrol. That’s right kids, Gerunding is the name of a band, a duet if you will (guitarist/vocalist Mag Kim and drummer Rachaella Ceniceros) from right here in Burke Town. Together they make music that occassionally feels like pop-inflected folk music that has been transformed by an electronic, albeit lo-fi process, into something grand yet hidden in plain sight, just like what’s happening now as the past progresses, homies! Such future seekers and their followers perform at Sister (407 Central Ave. NW) on Sunday, July 1. By followers I mean psyched out Tejana songstress Claire Morales and local but yet otherworldly impressario Austin Morrell. Morrell’s guitar work with Gusher is legendary; in the mean time he continues to shape the scene with his intense creativity and vision. I hearby predict that this show will be damn good. 8pm • $5 • 21+.

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