Spanish Harlem Orchestra: New Mexico Jazz Festival

Jazz Trance, Version 10K

Courtesy of the artist

Well, jazz lovers, it's another Friday night in El Duque; the weather is hot but not sultry. The air is dry, subtly inflected with the sharp heat of the desert. The chirping cicadas are getting just a bit too staccato for your tastes. What's a respectable jazzer to do? Well, why not troop on down to the Albuquerque Museum Amphitheater—a place with a view of the river or at least its watery environs for gosh sakes—and enjoy another recital in New Mexico Jazz Workshop's “Under the Stars” series. This week, it's the Spanish Harlem Orchestra coming at ya at 7pm on Friday, July 13 from a place so groovy and musically mesmerizing that you'll be glad you went out instead of sitting at home with your Weather Report records and outta tune trumpet. For realz, this Grammy-winning ensemble is the bomb: their authentic and organic approach to salsa music and jazz is both raw and well-considered. As for the interestingly joyous musical tension that results, well it just flows and flows. Tickets range from $20 to $25 at this all-ages event.

Friday Jul 13, 2018

2000 Mountain Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104-1459

Phone: 243-7255
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Phone: 505-268-0044
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The two-time Grammy award-winning Salsa and Latin Jazz band celebrate their 15th anniversary with a special performance.


presented in partnership with the New Mexico Jazz Workshop & Melaza Music Productions

The two-time Grammy award-winning Salsa and Latin Jazz band, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, who celebrate their 15th anniversary this year with their latest and sixth release, Anniversary, sets the standard for excellence for authentic, New York style, hard core salsa. Whether in a concert hall or an outdoor jazz festival, there is no easing you in, they are coming at you full force from start to finish and their energy on stage, rich sound and musical precision leave audiences mesmerized. Founded in 2000 by producer Aaron Levinson and Oscar Hernandez, SHO’s Musical Director who is long considered one of the most gifted and prominent pianist/ arrangers on the contemporary Latin, Latin-jazz and salsa music scene (long time member of Ruben Bládes' Seis del Solar band), the band is dedicated to the sounds of the barrio and their music is characterized by the raw, organic and vintage sound defined by the genre. On a mission to keep the musical legacy of salsa dura (hard salsa) alive while expanding its audience to those who love great music, not just Latin music, SHO is grounded in the past, while focused on the future – they strive to keep the music relevant by creating a unique and fresh approach. Newsday called them “The leading light of the salsa reconstruction movement.” The band features Hernandez on piano; Jeremy Bosch, Marco Bermudez, Carlos Cascante, vocals; George Delgado, congas; Luisito Quintero, timbales; Jorge Gonzalez, percussion; Gerardo "Jerry" Madera, bass; Mitch Frohman, saxophone & flute; Reynaldo Jorge and Doug Beavers, trombone; and Héctor Colón, and Manuel "Maneco" Ruiz, trumpet.