Summer Solstice Meditation Intensive

Sunday Jun 24, 2018

2205 Silver Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106




Yogasaar Studio

Phone: 505-585-3736
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Share misunderstood ideals of compassion, learn to recognize the difference between actions that are compassionate versus actions that are dependent and how to honor limits and capacity fearlessly.

Codependence vs Fearless Compassion Sunday, June 24th from 11am - 2pm, $40. Pre-registration required.

When our sense of self-worth is low we are not able to set limits, make boundaries or respect our own needs. Our seemingly compassionate assistance becomes mixed with dependence, fear and insecurity. Mature love and healthy compassion are not dependent but interdependent, born out of a deep respect for ourselves as well as others.

This solstice meditation intensive will share misunderstood ideals of compassion that can reinforce co-dependency and attachment patterns, teach how to recognize the difference between our actions that are compassionate vs actions that are dependent and how to honor our own limits and true capacity fearlessly.

Compassion must go hand in hand with wisdom otherwise it is not true compassion.

- BuddhaPLEASE NOTE : THIS CLASS NEEDS PRE-REGISTRATION To register please call 505-585-3736