Floating Yoga Nidra Meditation Class at Yoga Art Space, Albuquerque
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Floating Yoga Nidra Meditation Class

Saturday Sept 29, 2018

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8338 Comanche Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110






Whitney Whetten

Phone: 5053107457
Website: Click to Visit

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A hybrid form of yoga that combines traditional yoga postures with modern yoga moves and a silk hammock. Pre-registration required.

Please note: Aerial Yoga at the Yoga Art Space studio requires pre-registration through our website at www.YogaArtSpace.com/calendar. If no one registers for a class, the class may be cancelled between 6-12 hours prior to the class start time. Though this event is shown as a regular, weekly class each week on the Alabi calendar, there are occasionally times when the class will be cancelled in advance such as for certain holidays. All updates and cancellations are on the studio calendar at www.YogaArtSpace.com/calendar

What is Aerial yoga?

Aerial Yoga is a hybrid form of yoga that combines traditional yoga postures infused with modern yoga moves and an silk fabric hammock. 

Do I need Previous Yoga Experience?

No previous yoga experience is not necessary to enjoy an Aerial yoga class. In fact it can be easier than normal yoga! The silk hammock acts like a support whenever you require it, almost like having your own personal yoga teacher giving you assistance throughout the entire yoga class! Another advantage of having the support of the hammock is that 90% of students are able to complete more challenging poses, such as handstands!

Can Everybody do Aerial Yoga?

Yes and no. Students who have had a previous injury can find Aerial yoga much easier to participate in then normal yoga. This is due to the the weight being evenly distributed between your body, the hammock and the earth.

 People who suffer any of following contraindications are advised NOT to participate in an Aerial yoga class: if you have had recent surgery of any sort, if you suffer glaucoma, if you are pregnant, if you suffer a heart condition (including very high or low blow pressure), if you get vertigo, if you have had a recent stroke or a hernia, if you have osteoporosis or any bone weakness, if you have carpal tunnel syndrome, or if you have had botox in the last six hours.

What Should I Wear?

All jewellery items must be removed before participating, a t-shirt must be worn to cover the armpit area and leggings are advised to avoid the silk rubbing on the skin and creating irritation. Please have clean feet or, alternatively, bring a pair of socks with you.


**Registration Required because there are a limited number of hammocks. Register at yogaartspace.com/calendar**



In floating Yoga Nidra we will be suspended in aerial hammocks as we enjoy an hour long yoga nidra meditation session.



Awaken your consciousness to the theta state between dream and wakefulness. Experience deep relaxation. Yoga nidra is a meditation practice where we plant a sankalpa (a seed we wish to grow in our life) and delve into a deeply relaxing state in between wakefulness and sleep to help the subconscious heal aspects which may be holding it back. In this workshop, we will learn how to formulate our sankalpas, find ourselves comfortably in the hammocks, and then go into the yoga nidra practice for the rest of the time.



This is a monthly workshop held at Yoga Art Space (8338 Comanche Rd NE) for only $15 (drop in) or use your 10 class pass, membership, or the new student special



What is being said about Yoga Nidra: 



“Yoga Nidra is deeply transformational. When the constrictions of breath and body and the stains of the mind dissolve, we can see clearly. When the source of suffering is revealed by our Soul and higher mind, we can plant the seeds of new ideas in the fertile field of consciousness. At the most elemental, Yoga Nidra relaxes and heals. At its most profound, you will be awakened to the fourth dimension, Turiya. Between those two, Yoga Nidra, when administered skillfully, serves as a tool to change unhelpful mental patterns and wrong self-perception and even heal the effects of trauma. Transformation is gradual but sometimes there are sudden leaps…I felt myself bursting out of the golden egg as a new person.” ––Inge