From Idea to Business: Kauffman FastTrac

Wednesday Aug 15, 2018

200 Broadway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102




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Take an idea and turn it into a business with this ten-week course that provides the tools to develop a concept, determine the viability of the concept and outline critical steps to a successful launch.

Take your idea and turn it into a business with this 10-week training course.

This ten-week in-person course will be facilitated by a certified professional instructor and facilitators from both FatPipe NM and WESST and will include speakers and local resources to help you get your business idea off the ground.

Courses will start on August 15 and will run Wednesday nights, 6pm-8:00pm. Ends in October.

This course provides the tools to develop a business concept, determine the viability of the business concept, and outline the critical steps to a successful business launch.

The course includes:

~A pdf manual with additional materials beyond the Kauffman online program

~Weekly meetups to review a key component of the program and hear additional information from experienced trainers and local experts, as well as get your questions answered.

~Networking opportunities with local business owners and business connectors.

~Help in building your list of what you need to do to get your business moving forward

Course Content Includes:

~Identify market needs

~Understand Business Fundamentals

~Pricing and structure

~Business Model Canvas

~Business Plan

~Breaking into your market

~Legal business structures and legal contracts

and more..

Keep in mind that as we build businesses we need to connect with other businesses and our community. This course will connect you with other entrepreneurs, as well as the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Albuquerque.

$249 will pay for workbooks, instructor/facilitator, snacks, and other costs related to putting on this ten-week course. Tickets available now! FYI: Audience is limited to 20 enrollees, so sign up today.

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$249 for this 10-week course. Register at: