T Streets and Sir Trigga in Concert

Saturday Aug 11, 2018

2822 Second Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107






Phone: 505-485-2077

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Sir Trigga
Via Youtube

Albuquerque’s hip-hop scene continues to drip development and bifurcate badassery. Fans may be aware of a growing underground school of rap that includes well-known emcee entities like Def-I as well as deadly duos like Song Burds and mysterious music makers like Goblin Bones. There is also a growing number of traditionalist, pop-oriented flavas coming through the pipe in Duke City, New Mexico, often with OG and autotune affinities clearly demarcated in their fab flows and intensely dense urban riffing. Witness Tino Ware, AKA T Streets and Sir Trigga, two bold and bumping members of the local iteration of hip-hop nation who will be playing a show on Saturday, Aug. 11 at Duke City Events (2822 Second Street NW). Yung Estabon, a DJ dude outta the Sunshine State, opens. Of all the tuneage I listened to by these eminent practitioners, I gotta say the watts I dug the most included Trigga’s “On the Road” and Estabon’s “Fast Life.” Though the rap roster is currently filled to the brim, I predict you will be hearing more from these fellows, especially Sir Trigga; that dude can spit, sabes? 9pm • $10 • All-ages.

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