The Cuddle Revolution at Source, Albuquerque
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The Cuddle Revolution

A Consensual Cuddle Puddle

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Some of us crave human touch more than others. This sometimes desperate need for connection can bore a hole into the soul that no other feeling can fill. The Source provides this service, known as The Cuddle Revolution, on Sundays, including Sept. 2, starting at 6pm and potentially stretching into the wee hours. While this is both platonic and PG-rated, it is for adults only. The first snuggle sesh is free, but donations are always appreciated and accepted. Please arrive on time, as essential exercises in the first hour are meant to build authentic connection and an understanding of consensual touching for the ultimate therapeutic experience. No one is required to cuddle, snuggle or embrace and you can leave at any time. Feel free to bring snacks and anything else that makes you comfortable and get ready for some serious, restorative nuzzling. (Mayo Lua de Frenchie)

Sunday Sept 30, 2018

Additional Dates:

1111 Carlisle Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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This is a completely platonic experience for adults only. Please arrive on time. Use a series of exercises to practice consensual and safe touch, as well as authentic connection.

First time participants are FREE.

This is a completely platonic experience. While this event is PG it is for adults only.

The first hour is essential to the process so please arrive on time. We use a series of exercises to practice consentual and safe touch, as well as authentic connection, for all people.

Many people bring snacks and frequently the cuddle may last into the wee hours. Anyone can leave at any time. You will not be required to cuddle. We encourage baby steps and feeling into what is really good for you.

Donations are greatly appreciated, on average $5-$30

Text Charey Fox to RSVP or for more info 505-991-0839

What people are saying about The Cuddle Revolution"

“Deep relaxation, an opportunity to explore the best of fellow human beings in an atmosphere of trust.” - Susan S.

“Helping me create healthy safe boundaries for myself while giving me a sense of security and stability.”- Seryna E.

“Cuddle is one of the anchor points in my life. it allows me to have deep and authentic connection with people I might not even meet otherwise. It broadened my understanding of my value as a human being.” - Chris B.

“It’s one hundred times better than a bar!” - Anonymous

“It’s the best thing I do all week. It meets needs I didn’t know existed.” - Charey F.

“I have been attending the Cuddle group at the Source. All of the people who attend this group are so kind to each other, yet we also are learning how to communicate with each other. Having a healthy set of personal boundaries is as important as being touched and held.” - Tracy R.

“I feel tremendous gratitude for this playful and supportive group. It’s effects have spread to other areas of my life, encouraging me to nurture higher quality relationships, find acceptance, negotiate intimacy, develop trust and better communication. I feel fulfilled, empowered and joyful. “ - Joaquin O.

"The Cuddle for me is connection to other beautiful beings from many walks of life to share our energy, touch, conversation, safety. It has become over the past year a family. I feel calmer, taking in all the different connections that we have with each other. In a culture riddled with individualism, separation, and fear, the Cuddle is a beautiful haven of connection.” - Lee P.