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Bob Dylan Live

"The beauty parlor is filled with sailors, the circus is in town"

Courtesy of the artist
Weekly Alibi Music Editor August March discovered Bob Dylan in 8th grade. First he stumbled on a copy of Dylan's odd attempt at prose, Tarantula, in among the other books at the Eisenhower Middle School library. Then, his English teacher, Mr. Serafin, noticed the book on March's desk. The next day, he brought his copies of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan and Bringing It All Back Home to school and permanently lent them to August. By 10th grade, the future Alibi music editor was dressing like Zimmerman during his London phase, dark Ray-Bans and all. Now you have a chance to glimpse of the mythic magic that turned a scientific duck into a nascent hipster, cigarettes and all. Dylan will be performing his Nobel Prize-winning schtick at the Kiva Auditorium on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 8pm. Perhaps he'll dazzle with some of the down-turned discourses from Highway 61 Revisited or rattle souls with a hearty rendition of “Hurricane.” Maybe he'll even lay out the cross for you. You never know with dude Dylan, his approach to performance is just as mysterious as the persona he inhabits as inheritor of the boots of Whitman. And with tickets ranging in price from $92 to $122, you may just see one of his biggest fans in the front row, busting out with a holler when the first notes of “Desolation Row” get plucked. (Rudolfo Carrillo)

Sunday Oct 7, 2018

401 Second Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 768-4575
Website: Click to Visit



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