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Path to the Peak Pose Series: Ubyaha Padangusthasana

Sunday Oct 28, 2018

8338 Comanche Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110






Whitney Whetten

Phone: 5053107457
Website: Click to Visit

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This pose requires a strong core, but getting there is half the fun. The pose engages every vertebra of the spine, teaches a response to changes in the center of gravity and stretches the hamstrings.


This month’s challenge pose is Ubyaha Padangusthasana (Both Big Toe Pose). This pose looks like an extreme Navasana (Boat Pose) where the legs are strongly spiked, and the hands hold onto both feet while balancing on the hips. Yes, it requires a strong core—but getting there is half the fun! Coming into the pose engages every single vertebra of the spine, teaches us to respond to changes in our center of gravity, and stretches the hamstrings. Don’t worry, there are lots of variations of this pose that will provide challenge and benefit for all levels. The monthly Path-to-the-Peak series provides a whole yoga class experience while pushing our limits just an inch. 



Pre-Registration Required (Follow ticket link). This event will take place on Saturday, Oct 28 from 2-3:30pm at Yoga Art Space (8338 Comanche Rd NE). Tickets are $15. Please reserve your spot online by following the ticketing link or going to