Danila Rumold: Time Present, Time Passed

Friday Oct 19, 2018

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208 Broadway Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 450-6884
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kim arthun

Phone: 505-450-6884
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A new body of mixed media works by an artist new to the gallery, consisting of several large scale 60'x80' collage pieces made from kozo paper and using natural materials as pigments. Runs through 11/03.


EXHIBIT/208 is opening a new body of mixed media works by a new artist to our gallery, Danila Rumold. The show will consist of a number of large scale 60'x80' paper collage pieces made from kozo paper and using natural materials as pigments. The surfaces are remnants of time and place, spilled wine, various dirts and other everyday natural things that through there intended or accidental interaction with the paper create a rich translucent surface that only time can make. The pieces have a 'life' as we all have that shows the effects of our daily lives. Entropy creates a field to which Danila interacts and her family and the effect is beautifully elegant.

We are looking forward to our second show of this fall season with another new face with new work to keep EXHIBIT/208 fresh and a place you can always count on to see the best that Abq. has to offer. Opening Reception: Friday October 12th, 5-8 pm.

Through November 3rd, 2018

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The Artist is Present Time

Russell Maynor

Opening this Friday, Oct. 12, at Exhibit 208 (208 Broadway Blvd. SE) is work created over the last several years by artist Danila Rumold. Rumold relocated to Albuquerque from the West Coast three years ago, marking her first local exhibition. In this exhibition, titled Time Present/Time Past, Rumold presents nine paper collages many of which feature materials long of interest to her—like the colorful natural dyes of vegetables. Stop in for the reception between 5 and 8pm, or catch the show at some point during its tenure at the gallery—that is, until Nov. 3.

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