The Liars' Game

Monday Dec 10, 2018

3503 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106






The Liars' Game

Phone: 5052277378

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An interactive game show where three storytellers tell two true stories and one fake story and the audience votes to determine the liar.




On the second Monday of every month, you can play Albuquerque’s only interactive game show: THE LIARS’ GAME. Three storytellers. Two are telling the truth and one is lying. It’s the audience’s challenge to pick the liar.


December brings cold and candles and shopping. But on December 10th at THE LIARS’ GAME we have three stories that having nothing to do with the holidays: a life accidentally save, a Prius used as a weapon against rattlers and my life as a birthday party clown--three tales of “Life’s Unexpected Surprises.”


Of course, one of these is a lie. But which one? Each game one-half to two-thirds of the audience guesses wrong. Ask questions. Then, vote. Maybe you will have better luck. But the odds are against you.  


The game is played at Empire Board Game Library, 3503 Central NE (at Amherst) in Nob Hill. You are encouraged to come early and make an evening of it. Have a mouth-watering sandwich, a richly deserved dessert and a thirst quenching non-alcoholic drink. Plus, guarantee yourself a good seat because we have sold out in the past.


Admission at the door-only is $5 (please bring cash) and the door opens at 5:30 with the game starting at 7pm.


For more information, email or call (505) 227-7378.