Monthly Matinee

Saturday Jan 5, 2019

423 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-848-1376
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The Public Library ABQ-Bernco

Phone: (505)848-1376
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Explore N.M. history with a ¡Colores! double feature. See a screening of "Katherine Stinson: Her Story" and "Albuquerque's Historic Railroad Shops" for free.


Come explore New Mexico history with a ¡COLORES! double feature! This is a free event. Katherine Stinson: Her Story - Before there was Amelia Earhart there was Katherine Stinson. A decade after the Wright Brothers lifted off the ground, Katherine Stinson achieved the unthinkable in a male dominated field: she learned how to fly! This is the inspirational story of a brave, talented, young woman who fought for what she believed in, traveled around the world, set records, cheated death, and shows us that anyone can accomplish their dreams. Albuquerque's Historic Railroad Shops - For over 70 years the Santa Fe Railroad operated a huge repair and work shop in Albuquerque - over twenty locomotives could be rebuilt in each of the huge five-story, glass story buildings. The shops were the heartbeat of the city and    economic engine that helped power a nation. Take a fascinating voyage through these tremendous buildings and the remarkable experiences of the people who worked there.