Butt Stuff: How to Experiment with Anal Play

Thursday Jan 31, 2019

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This technique-focused class turns anal fantasies into reality for folks wanting to take their anal play to deeper penetration, prostate, pegging, butt plug wearing and other anal adventures.

Join sex shop owner Matie in a class that focuses on the ins and outs of anal sex. Less talking--more rocking! This is a technique focused class that will help you turn your anal fantasies into reality. This class will focus on anal sex for folks who want to take their anal play into deeper penetration, blended orgasms, prostate, pegging, double penetration, butt plug wearing, the trigasm, and other anal adventures for anal sex aficionados! This class also covers all of the prep work and info for pleasurable and pain-free anal play. We will cover anatomy, cleanliness, safer sex, getting to know and love your butt, and techniques to relax your body, mind, and heart in prep for anal loving.