Don Bullis Talk and Book Signing

Sunday Feb 17, 2019

2012 South Plaza NW (Old Town)
Albuquerque, NM

Phone: 242-7204






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The author talks about and signs his latest book New Mexico Historical Chronology: From the Beginning.

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Don Bullis talks about & signs his latest book "New Mexico Historical Chronology: From the Beginning" on Sunday February 17 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM at Treasure House Books & Gifts, 2012 South Plaza NW in Old Town, Albuquerque, NM. The event is free & open to the public. For more information, call 505-2422-7204.

 The three-volume series -- New Mexico Historical Biographies, New Mexico Historical Encyclopedia, and New Mexico Historical Chronology -- puts New Mexico's history and locations all in one place, providing over 1,500 historical biographies, brief description of over 700 events and places, and a complete chronology of the history of the Land of Enchantment. These volumes give a historical look at New Mexico -- what is written about New Mexico and what events and locations played a part in its history. They are intended to show that New Mexico history is original, exciting, and interesting.

 Everyone interested in the cast of characters who gave New Mexico and the rest of our high-dry Western Mountain country it's different character will want to add these to their library. They are the books we have been hoping Don Bullis would write and they're even better than we expected.--Tony Hillerman, noted author

 This volume will be the starting place for many people seeking to make the acquaintance of New Mexico of yesteryear. The concise entries provide a surprising amount of information, and the author has included several sources for his entries that are perfect jumping-off spots for further research. I must confess that in reading this book I met a number of characters I had not encountered previously. I am almost certain everyone who reads it will learn something new about New Mexico history and enjoy immensely themselves in the bargain.--Rick Hendricks, New Mexico State Historian

 These volumes are a home-run for Bullis and the history of New Mexico.--Round-Up Magazine, Western Writers of America

 This comprehensive encyclopedia of New Mexico history will prove to be invaluable to historians, history writers, and readers of all sorts. More than just short facts and biographies, it offers great reading for anyone interested in New Mexico history. One can turn to any page and find a great story, and it will be a rare reader or historian who can claim to have already known all that this tome includes.--Mike Stevenson, Past President, Historical Society of New Mexico

 These books will be a welcome first-step reference tool for students of New Mexico history.--New Mexico Magazine

 Don Bullis has written the reference books every student of New Mexico history has hoped for, but none has had the time, energy, and devotion to create. As with all truly useful books, these volumes will prove their value over many years by their cracked spines, well-worn pages, and lack of settled dust on any part of their exteriors!--Richard Melzer, Past President, Historical Society of New Mexico

 Eclectic, opinionated, and hugely readable, these are a great big kid-in-a-candy-store of a book in which you are guaranteed to find lots and lots of toothsome treats. Always interesting and frequently surprising, Bullis' books will doubtless evolve into an indispensable source for readers and researchers alike.--Fred Nolan, noted historian