Intersecting Technology and Art

Thursday Feb 21, 2019

315 Alameda Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113


Phone: (505) 898-6280

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A presentation designed to expand the perspective of women working in technology to demonstrate current IT trends and innovations by exploring non-traditional applications in the art field.

Join the NMTC WIT Peer Group on Thursday, February 21st for a presentation from UNM, QUAY Concepts, RS21 and Deloitte. This presentation is designed to expand the perspective of women working in the technology industry to demonstrate current IT trends and innovations by exploring non-traditional applications in the art field and in the concepts of what we perceive as art .


1. Hack the Grid – Art, technology, public art and sustainability.  How to use low cost, DIY-style environmental sensing and microcomputer controlled LEDS to create large scale public artworks raising awareness of sustainability issues.

Andrea Polli

Professor, Art & Ecology, College of Fine Arts and School of Engineering

University of New Mexico

Andrea Polli is an environmental artist working at the intersection of art, science and technology. Her interdisciplinary research has been presented as public artworks, media installations, community projects, performances, broadcasts, mobile and geolocative media, publications, and through the curation and organization of public exhibitions and events. Andrea Polli is a Professor with appointments in the College of Fine Arts and School of Engineering at the University of New Mexico (UNM). She holds the Mesa Del Sol Endowed Chair of Digital Media and directs the Social Media Workgroup, a lab at the University's Center for Advanced Research Computing.

2. Opensourc Vol 1 is about democratizing art space. The intention is to create works of art in the augmented reality space which are layered on established art landscapes such as institutions and museums. This work is unauthorized. Thus, opening up a whole new platform of artwork, interactive experience, and inclusive audience base.

Jennifer Quay Minnich


Quay Concepts

Quay Concepts is the independent idea house from Jennifer Quay Minnich. Founded in 2015 with a mission to disrupt the perspective of consumer-driven, commodity-oriented value systems. What started as a gallery show in Albuquerque sparked a larger external conversation of the identity of objects and perceived attribution of value. As a continued area of exploration at Quay, Jennifer moved on to concept a wearable tech garment and app named Integrate with the intention of introducing transparency in the global production supply chains, specifically in the luxury product industry. Jennifer continues to challenge identity, assumptions, and learned behavior with her work in art and technology. In 2019, open source vol 1 was concepted as an augmented reality landscape to democratize art spaces in New Mexico. The end goal is inclusivity of  experience by opening up new channels of engagement with artwork and interactive environments. Quay strives to give the user the power to define experiences on their own terms and draw their own conclusions of what is valuable.

3. Designing for Good: “Good” design is subjective, but how we define this is the key to success in almost any space. Explore how being intellectually honest with data can lead to great design using technology as a canvas. All the while making a greater impact on our local, national and even global communities. 

Jill Morgan

UX/UI Designer


Jill Morgan decided to take the long road into her career as a User Experience Designer. Having worked in many roles before, she found her strengths in reframing the question and problem-solving. After spending 3 years at REI Headquarters in Seattle designing, re-designing and re-re-designing product detail pages, she finally made the leap to New Mexico and started using her powers for the greater good. Jill works at Albuquerque’s RS21, doing her best to help make the complex more digestible by delivering intellectually honest data-driven designs for her clients. RS21 is a data science and visualization company that empowers organizations to make data- driven decisions that positively impact the world with innovative solutions that are insightful, intuitive, inspiring, and intellectually honest.

4. Making Art ‘Come Alive’: How to use a custom application with AR elements to animate murals, artwork, and other static designs.

Alison Dregne

Salesforce Consultant

Deloitte Digital

Alison Dregne is a Salesforce Consultant for Deloitte Digital. In her 3.5 years with Deloitte, she has worked with many State Agencies to help design custom portals, configure Salesforce object-relational databases, and setup complex Salesforce security models for users. Alison comes from the Deloitte Digital Denver Studio, which specializes in digital experience across multiple channels. Recently, there has been a movement to turn artwork and office murals into an AR experience for office tours through an in-house custom app. This presentation will highlight the technology used as well as presenting what goes into making artwork “come alive” with technology.




Vara Winery & Distillery, 315 Alameda Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM   Co-founders Xavier Zamarripa and Doug Diefenthaler will be our hosts providing an assortment of small bites (tapas) and a complimentary glass of wine for all the attendees.

Vara is an international family of Spanish and American wines celebrating the origins of the American wine experience thanks to the historical connection of Spain and New Mexico. Vara offers scenic outdoor patio views and a rustic, cozy indoor tasting room setting.