Triple Cider Release

Thursday March 21, 2019

1800 Fourth Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-243-6752
Website: Click to Visit




Jeremy Kinter

Phone: 5052436752
Website: Click to Visit

Come and get 'em! The new berry, blood orange and rosé ciders in a can, that is.


Deal with it. You wanted them canned so you got'em and we're releasing all three at once. So come get them while you can because we do have a limited supply!

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Cider on the Move

Tractor is (finally) releasing three new canned ciders that have been a staple of their taps for a while now. Their Berry Cider, which has recently undergone a slight update, hits all the notes of what you think a berry cider should be, while still holding a little of that traditional cider magic on the back end. The Blood Orange Cider is the kind of late summer-style drink you’ve been missing in your life. Let the blood orange love in, and you won’t be able to turn back. Finally, the Rosé Cider rounds out the pack with some light and fresh flavors you expect from a rosé, with the sweeter hints of cider and other fruity notes. Be a part of the cider revolution, while enjoying live music from CW Ayon Combo. You can catch a piece of the action at Tractor Brewing in Wells Park on Thursday, March 21, starting at 5pm.

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