Group Past Life Regression for Positive Abilities at Source, Albuquerque
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Group Past Life Regression for Positive Abilities

Saturday March 16, 2019

1111 Carlisle Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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Christian Raphael

Phone: 505-918-6555
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Clinical hypnotherapist Christian Raphael, offers an experience of past life regression, guiding back in time to regain a skill, ability or talent from a previous lifetime. Pre-registration required.

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In the workshop “Group Past Life Regression for Positive Abilities,” certified medical support-clinical hypnotherapist Christian Raphael will offer participants an experience of past life regression, guiding them back in time to regain a beneficial skill, ability, or talent from a previous lifetime. This session will take place in a safe, comfortable, friendly environment.

During past life regression, a person becomes aware of past lives through the use of hypnosis. The goal is to gain understanding that helps heal ailments and situations in the current life, or bring forward useful knowledge or skills from the past. This approach is based on the idea of reincarnation which says the soul is eternal, incarnating over and over while retaining knowledge from each lifetime, even if this knowledge is unconscious. There are many examples of people with emotional and physical pain or limiting conditions who healed “spontaneously” after past life regression.

Oprah Winfrey interviewed renowned psychiatrist and past life regression therapist Dr. Brian Weiss about this topic on Super Soul Sunday in June of 2013:

Oprah: What do you think happens when we die?

Dr. Brian Weiss: I think we never die because we were never really born. You existed before this birth. Then you come into a physical body as a baby, and you go through a life, and the next stage is leaving the body. So as the soul, you never die. When the body dies, you go on.

 If you are an explorer and have been curious about past life regression, this event is the perfect opportunity to uncover a hidden power that will benefit you now in your every-day life.

 $50, Pre-registration required. For information and to register, visit or call 505-918-6555. IBH CERT # F1113-271