Exposed: Works by Caitlin Padilla

Saturday March 23, 2019

709 Central Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102






Jennifer DeSantis

Phone: 505-415-4643
Website: Click to Visit

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Enjoy works that express strength in vulnerability. Tunnel Springs Coffee offers tastings and sells coffee with a CBD option and light refreshments.


The OT Circus excitedly present, for one night only, Saturday March 23rd, from 5-9pm, "Exposed" - Works by Albuquerque artist Caitlin Padilla, that express strength in vulnerability. The artist will be raffling off some wonderful creations! Tunnel Springs Coffee will be offering tastings, and selling their delicious coffee with CBD option, and light refreshments will be available for our guests.



About the show:






Throughout all of our journeys we are constantly battling with how open we are with others, and what we reveal about ourselves. Sometimes we connect profoundly, sometimes we get hurt, sometimes we lose those closest to us.



But we should never let it stop us from being present, embracing our authenticity, and allowing others to be open and present with us



Ms. Padilla believes vulnerability is strength. It is brave to be exposed and show your true self.



When we are exposed and let others see our souls and the universe inside of each one of us, we allow them to share themselves and those connections stay with us forever



Caitlin has chosen to be exposed, in life and through her art.


Each one of these pieces shows a different aspect of the duality of vulnerability and strength. And the connection we all share.